Short Film

Film & Visual Effects

The annual 48 Hour Film competition typically happens around June/July every year. Teams produce a 5 minute film commencing on Friday night @7pm - where you receive a genre and multiple random creative elements to implement into your film. Teams submit their film by 7pm on the Sunday night.




In April 2020, New Zealand was in a Level 4 Lockdown and during this time, the creators of the competition dropped the bomb with a ‘suprise’ competition completely out of nowhere - just days before the shoot weekend. Labelling it as a ‘Lockdown Edition’


Teams were tasked to produce a 3 minute max film, shot on your own property and filmed only within one's quarantine bubble. (With the flexibility to work remotely within your team, outside of your bubble).

Our team received the Horror genre and we had to incorporate 3 elements; an Arc camera shot, an Echo sound effect, and a Photograph.


I was tasked with a massive contribution to this film. Animation and Visual Effects (which is overlaid over the majority of the film. All of the graphical and animated components in this short film were designed and animated myself. It was a huge undertaking, but a creatively satisfying one.

My role: Visual effects, animation

& creative direction.