Hither was a concept mobile application project that I was apart of during my time at Massey University. The idea behind Hither is an innovative courier service dedicated to convenience, by taking the address out of the equation so that it is all about the user and their experience. Hither is a Wellington CBD focused service that receives, notifies and delivers to the user's GPS location.

Packages and online orders are delivered in such a way that presumes the receiver will be waiting at the end of the line, it presumes YOU will be waiting patient and ready for the courier at your home. But what happens if you're at work or getting groceries? It goes back to the depot, awaiting delivery. Or do you go out of your way to collect it yourself.



Mail isn't actually sent to you, it's sent to your address. Wherever you are located, Hither provides the convenience of delivering the parcel straight to you.

My role: concept, UI design and motion design demo video.

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