Monitor is a short film that was my final university major project. It tells the story of a day in the life of a virtual hacker. Set in a world not far from our own, presented is a provocative vision of the future. An alternate reality where the physical has met the virtual.


This project makes a subtle comment on screen culture by challenging the perception of reality in a unique and thought provoking way. By applying visual effects and motionography within filmmaking, these practices are used as a means of telling the story by conveying how the main character engages with their world.

As a visual communication designer, I gave myself the challenge to visually communicate a narrative that used User Interface Design and Motion Graphics. This was achieved for the purpose of giving the viewer an understanding of how the main character and fictional reality looked.


The comment the film makes is how we are incredibly immersed with screens and that we aren’t fully aware of our surroundings because of this diversion.

My role: producer, director, editor, design, VFX & sound engineering.

© 2020 by Casey Upchurch

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